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"Il Castagno" Energy Center of Casette d'Ete with an Energy Redevelopment by SUPER HUB RADIATOR patented system for the production of domestic hot water. The system includes a technical water puffer of 1,500 litters mod. ARM1 1500, equipped with sanitary copper heat exchanger of 6.34 m2, heated by a HR 7.8 Booster only hot that works in direct exchange with condenser directly immersed in the lower part of the puffer. The system is equipped with a second additional condenser exchanger for a possible future power increase without having to change the hydraulic system. This system guarantees the hygiene of the sanitary circuit thanks to the immersed DHW exchanger in the upper part of the technical water puffer which allows to avoid heavier thermal shocks and guarantees the absence of the proliferation conditions of legionella bacteria


The Accorroni Group is proud to have supplied this important order of 45 patented Hub Radiator Pack C hybrid systems for this new residential building in Fiumicino (RM). Hub Radiator Pack C consists of a modulating condensing boiler and patented heat pump: the boiler integrates the heat generated by the heat pump, based on the outside temperature and the needs of the family, improving energy efficiency in all seasons. Energy savings are increased and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced, thus protecting the environment. The compact design of the suspended hybrid heat pump (only 28 cm deep) requires minimal installation space and integrates perfectly with radiator installations.


The Alfagomma Group is a world leader in the production of systems for industrial and hydraulic fluids with more than 3,915 employees worldwide for a total turnover of 442 million euros. Accorroni was chosen as the supplier of an AS 900 EX low nox (ERP Ready) outdoor gas floor standing hot air generator of 1,136.00 kW capable of heating the entire production site in Sant'Atto in province of Teramo. As Accorroni we are very proud of this prestigious supply of one of the most important groups in the world of industrial rubber and thermoplastic hydraulic hoses.


The production of domestic hot water of this brand new Conad built in Pian di Massiano was made possible thanks to the Accorroni Hub Radiator Black system which includes a 1,500-liter technical water puffer mod., Equipped with a 6.34-liter finned copper sanitary exchanger. m2, heated by 2 HR 7.8 boosters which work in direct exchange with a condenser directly immersed in the lower part of the puffer. The system is equipped with an additional third condenser for a possible future power increase without having to modify the hydraulic system. This system guarantees the hygiene of the sanitary circuit thanks to the DHW exchanger immersed in the upper part of the technical water puffer which avoids expensive thermal shocks and guarantees the absence of the conditions for the proliferation of legionellosis bacteria.


"Il Castagno" Energy Center of Casette d'Ete with an Energy Redevelopment by SUPER HUB RADIATOR patented system for the production of domestic hot water. The system includes a technical water puffer of 1,500 litters mod. ARM1 1500, equipped with sanitary copper heat exchanger of 6.34 m2, heated by a HR 7.8 Booster only hot that works in direct exchange with condenser directly immersed in the lower part of the puffer. The system is equipped with a second additional condenser exchanger for a possible future power increase without having to change the hydraulic system. This system guarantees the hygiene of the sanitary circuit thanks to the immersed DHW exchanger in the upper part of the technical water puffer which allows to avoid heavier thermal shocks and guarantees the absence of the proliferation conditions of legionella bacteria


Cella Luxory Wine Resort & Spa is nearing completion and will be the first structure built in bio- building and bio-architecture, where the Accorroni Group has been the protagonist of all the supply of treatment air terminals and active controlled mechanical ventilation. Thanks to the delivery of 22 active controlled mechanical ventilation machines called Fan Drive by Accorroni, Cella resort can produce heating, cooling, air exchange and dehumidification in a single fully integrated machine (vertically or horizontally installed). In addition to the 22 controlled mechanical ventilation machines, the entire part of the radiant heating system was supplied by Accorroni with over 2,000 m2 of Pex with disconnect technology that allows you to create a reduced thickness screed, just 1.5 cm above the pipe. Disconnect avoids transfers to the floor of the underlying stresses of the screed, guaranteeing that the floors do not break. As an Accorroni Group, we are truly proud of this prestigious supply.

Casa Cardinale Maffi Foundation Onlus Olmarello (SP)

The Cardinal Maffi Olmarello nursing home is located in the hills of Castelnuovo Magra (SP) in a former eighteenth-century noble residence that became the patrimony of the Opera Pia "Imperiale-Lercari-Scarabelli" of Sarzana. This structure is air-conditioned through systems patented by Accorroni model Superhub Radiator Top producing hot, cold and DHW without interrupting the cycle. The production of DHW is carried out by means of 1 booster 7.8 kW with direct exchange in the ARM2 800 indoor unit equipped with an instant anti-legionella exchanger and HV 12 vacuum solar collectors, with the simultaneous production of heating/cooling in the VT 300 accumulator by means of other 3 boosters from 7.8 kW in waterfall. As system terminals for the distribution of hot / cold air there are 12 2-pipe cassettes mod. CVCB 29 with 3-way valves and 2 heat recovery units mod. AHP 55 with ABIOX AIR 125 air sanitization.


A2B ACCORRONI E.G. Ltd was chosen by Parasecoli Building Construction for the construction of thermal plants of the project Helios. Helios apartment building consists of 24 residential apartments in energy class A + and is distinguished by excellence and innovation in the energy field through the use of the system HUB RADIATOR, 100 % Made in Italy in heat pump and internationally patented. This system is using renewable energy from the air for the production of heating, cooling and domestic hot water. This system thus configured allows to reduce drastically the consumption and therefore all operating costs refer to all domestic installations of air conditioning and domestic hot water. Our unit respects the environment in which we live using only safe and clean renewable energy without burning fossil fuels that produce emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.


The Hotel Relais Villa Lanzirotti is a historic villa, located in Caltanissetta, and created within a valuable example of suburban residential building. The villa, of nineteenth-century plant, was built in the second half of the XIX. The entire air conditioning and hot water production plant have been fully supplied from the group Accorroni with the following products: water heater with patented heat pump Hub Radiator Black 2,500 liters, thermoaccumulator VT 1,000 liters Hot-cold, 9 booster with heat pump 7.8 kW, 1 thermoventilating unit model, MHD 4/3 and 10 recessed inverter fan coils, model Accorroni FCO-Zeffiro are part of this very important and prestigious supply for the whole company Accorroni.


A2B ACCORRONI E.G. demonstrates its strong ability to internationalization thanks to another prestigious supply of 2 X RPE 90 chillers soundproofed with a gas R410A (for a total of almost 170 kW of cooling power) for the Motel One Edinburgh in Scotland. Motel One is one of the most important hotel chains with over 50 facilities located throughout the world. A2B ACCORRONI E.G. with its wide product range is able to cover every need with professionalism reliability and quality proving it daily with supplies of this type.


The production of domestic hot water at the Masoni Sports Center in Fornacette (PI) is produced by the patented Accorroni Hub Radiator Black heat pump system which includes 2 1,500 liter technical water puffers, equipped with 6.34-liter finned copper sanitary heat exchangers. m2, heated by 4 HR 7.8 boosters which immersed in a direct exchange with condenser directly in technical water. The system is also equipped with a second fixed exchanger where the integrated solar thermal panels work. This system guarantees the hygiene of the sanitary circuit thanks to the DHW exchanger immersed in the upper part of the technical water puffer which avoids suitable thermal shocks and guarantees the absence of the conditions for the proliferation of legionellosis bacteria.


Hub Radiator Pack C combines the technology patented by the Accorroni Group for air-water heat pump, based on renewable energy, with a modulating gas condensing boiler, to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Hub Radiator Pack C thinks intelligently by choosing the best technology based on users' requirements and outside temperatures. The compact design of the hanging hybrid heat pump (only 28 cm of depth) requires minimal installation space and integrates perfectly with radiator installations. This innovative solution was chosen for 12 brand new homes at Calci (PI) both in hanging solutions and in recessed solutions.


The heating in the new Lamborghini garage Modena is realised with 6 Cond System Accorroni composed by 6 gas boiler 33 kW and 6 hot air blowers Style 15.


The supply of 40 Accorroni heat pump water heaters including 39 pieces White 110 and 1 piece Green 300 was chosen for these 2 public housing constructions near LOC. S.ERMETE PISA (PI). To date, Accorroni is the only company in Europe to have a complete range of patented heat pump water heaters from 70 to 5,000 liters in split version or even in the version without outdoor unit up to 500 liters.


Heating and cooling large hall areas with a highly efficient and effective heat pump? With Accorroni it is possible thanks to the latest generation inverter heat pumps that work with direct expansion ductable high prevalence indoor units. The warehouse of the Eros Manufacture of Montegranaro (FM) which deals with the production and sale of laces for footwear of all kinds and types has a size of over 600 square meters and has chosen the Accorroni Group to heat and cool this plant using 3 machines complete with outdoor and indoor ductable inverter unit model IVI260WV2RN1. Accorroni, in addition to dealing with the supply of the machines, has designed and built tailor-made return plenums to improve aeration performance by capturing the air from below in order to have better efficiency of the machines up to 10% more efficiency.


The PalaBeach of Ancona is a structure created for the practice of all sports on the sand from Beach Tennis to Beach Volley with an important brand new extension for the game of padel. The PalaBeach extends over an area of ​​almost 1,500 square meters, of which 800 of white and very fine Caribbean sand. The fields are equipped with an Accorroni heating system designed exclusively for the practice of sports on the sand. In the summer months, the structure will remain open regularly as it is equipped with an Accorroni air conditioning system through the installation of 4 20 kW ductable inverter units with special return and supply plenums, all studied, designed and built in Accorroni to allow maximum energy efficiency such plant.


In a shot of the La Repubblica report, the Accorroni Ghibli gas radiator is photographed during a visit to the areas of the earthquake of the former Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, who after a passage to Accumoli and Arquata del Tronto, concluded his inspection in Amatrice, a common symbol of the earthquake of 24 August on the day of approval of the 'Earthquake Decree'. Renzi took a short walk in the red area of ​​the Lazio town under a freezing rain. With him also the Commissioner for Reconstruction, Vasco Errani and the head of Civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcio. From a company estimate, there are over 200 thousand installations throughout the production history of the Accorroni Ghibli gas radiator for 30 years now, synonymous with product quality and reliability and extreme confidence on the part of the end consumer in this Accorroni product.


Hotel Villa Stucky is an ancient home of the noble Stucky family, who chose to situate his residence in the Veneto area, within an evocative landscape that embraces some of the most beautiful Venetian villas located along the ancient Roman road of Terraglio. On this road that joins two beautiful cities such as Venice and Treviso, is Mogliano Veneto, in the centre of which stands the Villa Stucky building which, despite being a traditional Venetian villa, presents evident mittel-European influences, a sign of a consolidated international tradition . The villa is a masterpiece of harmony and elegance with the architectural style of the ancient 19th century. Today it is totally air-conditioned thanks to the patented Hub Radiator system with 8 heat pump boosters with thermal 64 kW and cooling 48 kW, and 2 thermodynamic accumulations from 300 to 800 liters. It makes the system totally on renewable energy with a huge energy savings thanks to the peculiarities of the patent and the partialization of the boosters.


HUB RADIATOR is not a traditional heat pump but a patented heat pump with direct exchange capable of reaching 60 ° C without the use of electrical resistance. This new-generation residential complex in Stornarella (FG) is fully air-conditioned by Accorroni Group systems. The air conditioning source is developed through HUB RADIATOR DHP; heat pump system capable of simultaneously producing of domestic hot water, heating / cooling without technical interruptions. This patented technology is only 28.4 cm deep and does not necessarily require a technical room because of its very limited space compared to any other system. The plant terminals are with radiant system, dehumidifier and air exchange system, again from A2B ACCORRONI E.G. This important work was installed by the company Contillo Vito di Stornarella (FG).


The historical Refinery of the API Group in Ancona is a petrochemical plant for oil refining that rises in 1950 in Falconara Marittima. The industry's emblem is the now famous black horse that has become "the historic symbol of the refinery and a hallmark for the entire city of Falconara". The new conference center, recently restructured to host training courses and company meetings, was air-conditioned thanks to the choice of heat pump air conditioners by the Accorroni Group. The plant is completely cooled and heated by 5 latest generation 5-point multi split inverters, a 38.000 btu floor / ceiling and a 12.000 btu wall system for a total of over 22 console model indoor units. We thank the Api for choosing our Group for this prestigious job.

The experimental Zoo Prophylactic institute of Puglia and Basilicata (FG)

The experimental Zoo Prophylactic institute of Puglia and Basilicata was created for the study of pathologies and the application of prophylactic strategies for infectious diseases of livestock. The first location was established in Naples in 1908 at the behest of the Royal Encouragement Institute for Natural Sciences, on the proposal of Professor Salvatore Baldassare, of Foggia origin, illustrious Director and Full Professor of Zoo technics at the Royal Veterinary School. The birth of the detached section of Foggia dates back to that period, a choice imposed by the need to have in Puglia territory a health center fully involved in the fight against the serious epidemic of sheep pox that exploded in Puglia in the years following the First World War. The Foggia site is air-conditioned thanks to the Accorroni hydronic system terminals model FW EN NEW with 3-way valve already integrated for a total of 43 units.

Residential complex turin (TO)

Hub Radiator Pack C is a system patented by the Accorroni Group that combines hybrid technology with air-water heat pump, based on the use of renewable energies, together with a latest generation modulating gas condensing boiler, to ensure maximum energy efficiency . Hub Radiator Pack C thinks in an intelligent way by choosing the best technology based on user requirements and external temperatures. This built-in version includes in addition to an inverter pump also 2 relay groups already assembled and tested by Accorroni with the possibility of serving 2 zones with different system terminals (heated towel rails and radiant system). This innovative solution was chosen for 3 newly renovated homes in Turin (TO) with all built-in solutions.


Cantina Mossi 1558 is a company that consists of several vineyards, or cru as the French say, located between 250 and 300 above sea level, in Calcinare, Fornello, Case dei Piccioni and Vicobarone, well exposed on ideal terrains. It also produces some labels of the ancient Piacenza tradition, from vinegar to grape jelly, chestnut jams, a delicious apple juice and a rich wildflower honey. The production of domestic hot water and heating was made possible thanks to the 2,000 liter Superhub Radiator with 4 boosters in cascade of 7., 8 Kw of thermal power. The Superhub Radiator is the only patented system with direct refrigerant / water exchange capable of producing a large number of domestic hot water with minimum absorption in cascade from 2 to 8 kW for a flywheel of 2000 liters of technical water.


The senior's home The Garden located in Floridia is fully air conditioned by the patented Hub Radiator thermodynamic system and terminals by A2B ACCORRONI. This innovative system that fully utilizes renewable energies enables it to produce high-efficiency heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water thanks to 10 direct boosters and 2 boilers on 800 liters for the production of heating and air conditioning and an accumulation 1,500 liters with rapid DHW heat exchanger. About 30 fan coils, models FCO and FR, were all created by A2B ACCORRONI. This important and professional installation has been made possible thanks to the company Termoclima of Calafiore Antonino in Solarino (SR).


Villa Clodia is a beautiful vintage building in the medieval town of Manziana near Rome, used as Exclusive location for weddings, ceremonies and meetings. Very recently we have started the equipment, latest generation HUB Radiator, manufactured by the Group Accorroni. The system HUB RADIATOR is constituted in this case by an active thermodynamic tank, 1000 liter (1000 A_RM2) with 4 solar collectors and 1 booster from 8.3 kW for the production of domestic hot water, whereas for the production of conditioning has been used an active tank of 300 liters (VT 300) and 2 booster 8.3 kW on direct exchange coolant/water. The fan coils, models Fiji, wall installation, and 12 fan coils model FCO, recessed installation.


Radiant under floor heating in PeX, controlled mechanical ventilation system model FanDrive and patented heat pump Radiator Hub is the complete package with which the A2B ACCORRONI E.G. has had the privilege of providing for this luxury apartment in Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco in front at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix. The A2B ACCORRONI E.G., today is one of the few companies capable of providing a complete package of renewable energy from the air conditioning to the controlled mechanical ventilation system with up to an air treatment terminal with excellent competitive prices. This furnishing has been made possible thanks to the installation company Olam Service, very serious and specialized company in the field of the luxury interior renovations and their collaboration with artisans and specialists in the field.


In the center of Massa, the construction work of the most technologically advanced building of the whole province has been completed with sixteen prestigious and luxury apartments in the condominium Evos di Massa (MS). A2B ACCORRONI E.G. products were used for the production of domestic hot water. In particular 2 accumulators of 2000 liters HR BLACK with external heat exchangers without legionella problems and 2 accumulators of 800 liters of the Accorroni Group for the production of water for heating and refrigeration. This prestigious work was made possible thanks to the Marmoeinox construction company in Massa.


HUB RADIATOR DHP is the only patented mono bloc in heat pump on the market capable of simultaneously producing of domestic hot water, heating and air conditioning without technical interruption of the operation process. This patented technology has been chosen for the brand new residential complex near Caivano (NA), thanks to its limited depth of only 28.4 cm that does not require a technical premise because of its very contained spaces compared to any other system.

Villa Floridia (SR)

Villa Floridia is one of the most luxurious villas with private swimming pool situated in the vicinity of Syracuse, an ancient Greek city among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Harmoniously in the rural landscape that surrounds it, Villa Floridia is a contemporary dwelling designed and built in an environmentally responsible. The use of technology and eco-friendly building solutions - including solar thermal systems, photovoltaics and heat pump A2B ACCORRONI patented Hub Radiator with 4 to 7.8 kW booster and VT 500 accumulation allow to have heating and air conditioning throughout the 'year with guaranteed savings of over 60% compared to the more traditional technologies. This important and beautiful plant was installed by the company ACME ENERGY SRL Syracuse, installation company among the most important of the place.


It’s with great pride that in October the A2B ACCORRONI E.G. It will host a seminar on patented technology with heat pump Radiator Hub. In that meeting, the A2B ACCORRONI E.G. will present insights on topics such as reference standards in the field of renewable energies, the thermal account 2.0, the preferential tariff D1, examples of system sizing for almost Zero energy buildings to NZEB through patented heat pump Radiator Hub. This meeting will be useful to receive academic credits required for engineers to practice with registration to. Under the meeting link


The company Sartarelli is one of the few Italian wineries that boasts a production exclusively mono varietal, in this case the wine - Verdicchio. The headquarters are built around the historic farmhouse in the town of Poggio San Marcello, the smallest in the province of Ancona, a precious gem set in the hills of the Marche. The part of the office building is entirely air-conditioned by heat pump Accorroni model HPE X 25 and fan coils FR 300.


Technology Accorroni full Inverter, with compressor, fan and circulator all 3D Inverter, pushes the HPE 35 INVERTER among the COP (Coefficient of Performance) higher in its category. This machine was chosen for the air conditioning of the MS srl offices in Osimo Stazione (AN). Founded in 1979 by Sauro Macrolei and still led by the Macrolei family, MS is an international brand that designs and solves, manages and produces, delivers and assembles all furnishing interior design’s supplies without geographical and quantities limits. Facing and developing targeted technical solutions, MS is the reference point for the retail of great brands and top brands in the furniture industry, as well as a solid and excellent partner in international joint ventures.


European Hardware is a specialized shop with an exhibition area of ​​over 3000 square meters, which boasts thirty years of experience in the sector and has a huge warehouse, located in Val di Chiana, with over 500,000 products in stock. This important resale is fully heated thanks to 6 Accorroni 33 kW outdoor condensing boilers and 6 Aeroclima Style 15 also equipped with 4-row coil and condensate tray for air conditioning.


Camping Bommartini hotel is located between the blue of Lake Garda and the green of Mount Baldo just 5 km from the center of Malcesine. The production of hot water and heating is made through a totally renewed thanks of the patented heat pump HUB RADIATOR by A2B ACCORRONI EG. This system is composed of two accumulations from 1,500 liters with 4 booster from 7.8 kW, where it was divided the production of sanitary hot water one tank 1,500 liters and 2 booster from 7.8 kW, from the heating with one tank 1,500 liters and 2 booster from 7.8 kW. The result of this important facility has been a saving in consumption of DHW and heating by more than 40% on the previous system with oil boiler, with a lot of satisfaction from the end customer and our company.


The technical solution to produce hot water is there but cannot be seen!!! A2B ACCORRONI E.G. is once again starring in the production of hot water in three lofts most exclusive in an area of Messina, all class A + (Loft Cicala 28) in collaboration with the architect Alessio Giostra (see http: // /). All this was possible through the patented Hub Radiator Tagliacosti the only water heaters heat pump from a depth of 24 cm concealing a simple and architecturally integrated in exclusive contexts like the Loft Cicala 28. Hub Radiator Tagliacosti also helpe to raise the energy classification with a COP among the highest in the category.

Hotel Fortino Napoleonico PORTONOVO (AN)

Even the prestigious and luxurious Hotel Fortino is one of the A2B ACCORRONI E.G. references with 26 fancoils, model FCR 100 and FCR 200 for the production of heating and air conditioning. The hotel Fortino Napoleonico is the only one hotel at the foot of Mount Conero throughout the coast and it is an ancient Napoleonic fortress. Popular tourist destination, the Portonovo Bay is surrounded by gorgeous views of virgin nature. The Portonovo territory is an integral part of the Conero, a mountain inhabited since from prehistoric times from Piceno, Doric, Roman, Byzantine, Papal, French, and finally Italian people. Jewel of the Regional Park Monte Conero, Portonovo is relaxing location with a natural setting intact, where the Mediterranean territory touches the crystal clear water of the Sea.


Smash Paddle & Beach is a multi-purpose center in Pesaro of 4,500 square meters divided into three arches where each hosting a different sport: Beach Tennis, Beach Volleyball, and Paddle. The facility was completely renovated to become a center of the most modern and innovative in Italy. It has 6 tennis Beach Tennis and Beach Volleyball interchangeable and a Paddle area where there are two of the latest generation of the sport fields in great growth. The entire structure is heated by Accorroni systems Visual System and Air Mixers Arianne 3.


Hôtel restaurant Égades Resort est situé sur la magnifique île de Favignana, Sicile, caractérisé par des baies bleues turquoise, des plages merveilleuses et très suggestives. Une partie de cette structure est chauffée grâce à des groupes réfrigérateurs A2B ACCORRONI EG, Hub radiateur avec un rendement très élevé et avec un COP (coefficient de performance) qui est l'un des plus hauts pour la déduction pour l'efficacité énergétique. Le système se compose de 2 boosters, pompe à chaleur 8 kW et 6 prédispositions pour boosters, si nécessaire pour l'avenir, l'accumulation thermodynamique de 800 litres et unités terminales MHD et ventilo-convecteur FCR. L'Hôtel Égades est l'endroit idéal pour passer de merveilleuses vacances, pour découvrir la beauté naturelle du paysage des îles Égades, riches en histoire et en tradition.

Journal Publishing Basilica Sant'Ubaldo of Gubbio (PG)

The result of a saving of over 40% of LPG consumption for the production of heating and domestic hot water using the patented A2B ACCORRONI E.G. SuperHub Radiator led us to witness through this important article in the Bulletin of the Basilica of St. Ubaldo of Gubbio. Over energy saving and consequent reduction of emissions pollutants in the atmosphere we have also reached the goal of creating a system of ARCHITECTURAL INTEGRATED heat pump having the approval of the authorities responsible for controlling and protecting of property artistic and cultural activities.


The heating and the supply of domestic hot water in the restaurant Aldebaran Blufi (PA) are made with the patented system, more efficient heat pump in the market, Super Hub Radiator by A2B Accorroni E.G. The system consists of a 2000 liter storage tank (ARM2 2.000) where work also solar collectors in the lower exchanger, and 8 boosters on heat pump with direct exchange. Thanks to this system you can give more than 1.220 l / h in a one drawing of hot water with savings of over 60%, compared to conventional systems with methane gas or LPG. This important and professional installation was made possible thanks to the company Green Energy of Castellana Sicula.


The entire Hotel residence Palmensis in Fermo is fully air conditioned by a patented heat pump Hub Radiator and terminals system by A2B ACCORRONI. This innovative system which fully exploits the renewable energy allows producing heating, cooling and domestic hot water at high efficiency thanks from 500 to 1,500 liters connected to 15 boosters on direct exchange. As terminals system, have been installed CVCX cassette with 4 tubes and forty fan coils recessed, model FCR, all made from A2B ACCORRONI. The new building is located in one of the most beautiful views of the Adriatic coast in Marina Palmense at the foot of Torre di Palme, medieval town center overlooking the sea.


The company Officine Meccaniche Irpine (O.M.I.) has been operating in the aerospace sector for over thirty years, having consolidated supply and collaboration relationships with the main national companies in the supply of parts and equipment. The production departments were born and grew up in the "Calaggio Industrial Area" in Lacedonia, in the province of Avellino, on a covered area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, where are working 90 employees. In the PIP area of ​​Vallata, just a few km from the main fabric, two new departments, of 7500 square meters each, are started in 2016 supporting the metal treatment processes and the manufacture of single parts. The heating of O.M.I. is realised by 13 pre-mixed MEC MIX F 50 hot air generators.


The Strambi srl company of Poggibonsi has been operating since 1962 in the interior furnishings sector, with particular attention in the sector of decorative laminates and melamine panels. Part of the new plant is heated by the base heating generator outdoor Accorroni AS 550 EX. This professional installation was carried out by the Capperucci company.


Metallic carpentry Poggioli s.r.l. was founded in 1974 by Poggioli Abramo and Franco. The headquarters are in Spezzano di Fiorano (MO), covering an area of ​​4,500 square meters of which 2,350 are covered. This workshop has 13 bridge cranes, bending machines, wire welders and is totally heated by 3 brand new MEC MIX F 50 hot air generators, the most performing generator on the market with very low Nox with premixed methane burner for a total of 150 kW of thermal power delivered.


The Brico Center store in Fano has chosen 2 Accorroni outdoor condensing boilers model Extra 32 to heat the plant. Extra 3 is a 32 kW outdoor condensing wall-mounted gas boiler with IPX5D protection rating, the appropriate flue kit and remote control are supplied as standard. The boiler is equipped with a primary exchanger in stainless steel and aluminium, a pre-mixed burner with high modulation 1 ÷ 10, and a modulating HE circulator, a 9-liter expansion tank and an automatic by-pass.


A2B ACCORRONI E.G. is an official supplier for the industrial heating of the distributor Hydross srl of Montegrotto Terme (PD). The heating of the subsidiary of Montegrotto Terme was made possible thanks to the Cond System of the Accorroni Group consisting of two 32 kW modulating outdoor condensing boilers (IPX5D) and 2 Aeroclima Style 15 air heaters for a total thermal output of 65 kW.


Barigelli Auto offers all services related to the sale, assistance, repair and testing of various cars. The company operates from 1950 in the market of new and used cars of the Fiat group, and over the years has also specialized in the segment of the middle and high cars of the most prestigious automobile manufacturers. The part of the machine sales plant is heated thanks to 2 systems of the group Accorroni external boilers from 34 Kw and 2 Aeroclima heaters Style 15.


ATP was born in Modena as a general dealer of technical items. At the end of the 1980s the company combined the sale of standard products with the design of customized solutions, starting its transformation from a commercial to a productive reality. With the inclusion in the Modena plant of the first machine tool for the production of special gaskets, the company starts production with the first Computer Numerical Control. In order to develop the activity in the central south, in the same year ATP inaugurates a new headquarters in Ancona, where the production is extended to the realization of the stapled tube. The Ancona branch in the Baraccola area is fully air-conditioned by Accorroni systems, 4 Mec 35 kW hot gas generators for the production area, 3 pentasplit inverters Cassette type for the offices, and the patented Hub Radiator MINI, heat pump range to produce heating up to 60 ° C for the radiators.


The Eurospin store in Sant'Eraclio in Foligno (PG) is air-conditioned thanks to 10 hot-cold recessed ceiling fans Accorroni Group. This reference is very important for A2B ACCORRONI E.G. because Eurospin is an Italian company in the large-scale retail distribution of food and consumer goods from the discount channel in Italy and Slovenia and is the national leader in the discount sector with a 33% market share


Hotel Europa is set in an ancient palace in the heart of the Estense town in Ferrara. This prestigious and historic Hotel is within the A2B ACCORRONI E.G. With 30 wall mounted fan coils of various models FR 100,200,400 for the production of heating and air conditioning. In addition, part of the chiller is made by a refrigerator 100 kW refrigerator model Rpe. The primary hotel of Europe erected by the Signa family, hosted in 1861 the future King of Italy and Spain, Umberto Primo and Amedeo of Savoia; In 1866, Prince Girolamo Napoleone Buonaparte, and in May 1872, the Prince of the Italian Army, Giuseppe Verdi.


Hotel Stella D'Oro is located in Limone sul Garda in the center of Tremosine, on the top of a overlooking the lake Garda. The hotel is equipped with a system Accorroni Super Hub Radiator for the production of DHW and heating, with a total of 1500 liters of boiler and boosters, a modular heat pump with a 50% energy savings of the traditional methane gas heating system.


The Hotel Giglio of Miramare in Rimini is 50 years old. It is situated in seafront and in an ideal position to reach the Thermal source. The owner Ovidio Capelli has decided to heat his pool through the new heater with integrated titanium exchanger Accorroni model TCPV 16 with vertical ejection. This product is an effective solution for heating water of the pool, even in late autumn or in case of sudden lowering of temperature, anticipating and prolonging the period of use of the pool.

Residence Albatros Numana (AN)

Residence Albatros is a new tourist hotel facility located in Marcelli di Numana (see website The apartments are located about 250 meters from the splendid Riviera del Conero and are all air-conditioned by Accorroni Chip series inverter heat pump conditioners in class A +++.


The complete supply of patented Hub Radiator heat pumps Accorroni and FW EN NEW fan coils was chosen by the owners of this new building in Roccamena (PA). The supply includes VT 500 Hub Radiator for heating and cooling with 3 Booster 7.8 kW in cascade, and for the production of DHW 1000 liter Hub Radiator Black system. The only patented heat pump system in the world capable ti produce domestic hot water through a direct exchange in the heat pump. We thank the professionalism and seriousness of Starclima company of Antonio Graffato, protagonist of this important installation.


The production of acqua sanitary ware and the riscaldamento of this private residence of Poggioreale (TP) has produced 100% of the production of the ovular energy source of the Accorroni Super Hub Radiator brief system. The Super Hub Radiator is the brief and personal system for the grandi richieste of acqua calda sanitary e riscaldamento, with un'efficienza ed a risparmio di energia imparagonabili rispetto a qualsiasi altro system. Tale important and competent installazione è stata resa possibile grazie alla ditta installatrice Starclima di Graffato.


Del Bianco Paolo is the leading installer of this fantastic installation in progress of the patented Accorroni Hub Radiator heat pumps at a private home of about 160 m2 in Santa Maria Nuova (AN). New concept with renewable energy with Power Unit for the production of heating / cooling with simultaneous production of domestic hot water with direct exchange heat pump on ARM2 300 (superhub radiator system) with instantaneous anti-legionella sanitary exchanger. The condensing boiler will integrate only in case of need on the basis of an external probe which through the control unit will evaluate the most economically efficient technology.


The complete supply of patented Hub Radiator heat pumps and Accorroni ductable fan coils, Alnh model, was chosen by the owners of this Villa in Caivano (NA). The supply includes Hub Radiator VT 300 for the production of hot and cold and 3 Booster 7.8 kW in cascade, while for the simultaneous production of domestic hot water the 500-liter Hub Radiator Black system was supplied which is the only patented heat pump system in the world capable of producing domestic hot water by means of a direct exchange heat pump. We thank the professionalism and seriousness of the installation company Angelo Festinese, protagonist of this important installation.


The complete supply of Hub Radiator patented heat pumps was chosen by the owners of this Villa in Palombara Sabina (RM). The supply includes Hub Radiator VT 300 for the production of hot and cold and 3 Booster 7.8 kW in cascade, while for the simultaneous production of domestic hot water the 500-liter Hub Radiator Black system was supplied which is the only patented heat pump system in the world capable of producing domestic hot water by means of a direct exchange heat pump.


The production of domestic hot water and the heating of this private house in Roccamena (TP) has 100% production from renewable energy sources or the patented Accorroni Super Hub Radiator system. The Super Hub Radiator is the patented and customized system for large requests for domestic hot water and heating, with an efficiency and energy savings that are incomparable to any other system. This important and competent installation was made possible thanks to the installation company Starclima from Graffato.


The energy efficiency of this existing building since 1960 in Osimo was made possible thanks to the Accorroni materials, including an ultra slim floor system placed above the existing floor due to the impossibility of dismantling the previous floor, active controlled mechanical ventilation with Fan Drive 700 inverter and patented Hub Radiator system for the simultaneous production of heat, cold and domestic hot water. Compared to the previous plant with methane gas boiler and cast iron radiators, there has been a saving on consumption of over 40%, thanks to the optimal performance of Accorroni products but above all also to teamwork with the designers of Osimo of Progetto Rinnovabili who have believed in Accorroni technology and experience, leader in the field of air conditioning for over 30 years. For further information, visit the website:


Hub Radiator Pack C 7.8 / 32 is the first Accorroni patented hybrid system capable of producing heating and domestic hot water with priority in heat pump of 7.8 kW of thermal power and 32 kW modulating condensing boiler which intervenes only in case of need for integration in aid of the heat pump. This hybrid system installed in a private house in Pontedera does not require a second accumulation and has the following dimensions: 30 cm deep, 72 cm wide and 121 cm high


Hub Radiator Pack C combines the technology patented by the Accorroni Group for air-water heat pump, based on renewable energy, with a modulating gas condensing boiler, to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Hub Radiator Pack C thinks intelligently choosing the best technology based on the requirements of the users and based on outside temperatures. The compact design of the suspended hybrid heat pump (only 28 cm in depth) requires minimal installation space and integrates perfectly with radiator installations.


Giordano Cooperativa Sociale Onlus is a structure located in the municipality of Bergamo, the capital of the homonymous province. Part of this structure is conditioned with 2 DHP Hub Radiator; patented high efficiency heat pump system to produce heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Hub Radiator Dhp is the only heat pump mono bloc on the market that can produce domestic hot water, heating and air conditioning at the same time without any technical interruption. Hub Radiator Dhp is only 28.4 cm deep and does not necessarily require a technical room due to its very reduced depth compared to any other system.


The first thermodynamic boiler without natural gas, flame and flue, patented by Accorroni group has just been installed in this private home in Civitanova Marche (MC). The Hub Radiator Mini thermodynamic boiler is 100% safe, even in case of earthquakes, as it works with R410A ecological refrigerant gas. This installation has been made possible thanks our partner Thermohydraulic Giancarlo Giannandrea.

The Di Novo patisserie in MANERBA DEL GARDA (BS)

The Di Novo patisserie is one of the most well-known and renowned patisseries in Manerba del Garda and has recently been the winner of the television contest on the "Cake Star" patisserie. For the refrigeration of the room the company choses the new series in heat pump HPE 18 ecological gas inverter R32 with 95 liter storage tank already installed.

B&B Casa Manzella Terrasini (PA)

B&B Casa Manzella has chosen the Accorroni HPE 16 INVERTER heat pump to air-condition their rooms. We thank Michele Mannino's City clima company for this professional installation and for the twenty-year collaboration with the Accorroni brand.


Hub Radiator Mini: the patented heat pump system more compact existing on the market for heating and production of sanitary hot water. The line Hub Radiator Mini is extremely innovative and compact and allows access to all the government incentives and the heat pump savings even if lack of space: it is possible to install it where once the old gas boiler.


Hub Radiator Mini 10.0 (patented heat pump A2B ACCORRONI E.G. for heating and domestic hot water air-water) has been installed in this home of Chiari in Brescia. HUB RADIATOR MINI is characterized by very compact dimensions that allow you to install the system in living situations with very little space. The indoor unit is in fact installed in place of the old boiler and the outdoor unit occupies the same space of classical motoevaporating of air conditioning systems.


The first thermodynamic boiler with solar integration: without flame, methane gas and flue exhaust, patented by the Accorroni group, has just been installed in this residential house in Osimo (AN). The Thermodynamic Boiler Hub Radiator Mini is totally on renewable energy and 100% safe, even in case of earthquakes as it works with R410A, not harmful and ecological refrigerant gas for humans.


The boiler thermodynamic HUB RADIATOR MINI is extremely innovative and compact and allows to produce heating and hot. Hub Radiator Mini also becomes indispensable in case of lack of space: it is can install it where once the old gas boiler. This system was installed in Monteriggioni, province of Siena.


Super Hub Radiator Top is the most complete patent of patented heat pump to produce heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water just installed in a private home in Altofonte (PA). This supply and professional installation has been made possible thanks to the installer Accorroni TECNIC SERVICE of the Brothers Lo Nigro which today represents one of the most qualified society of Altofonte.


A2B ACCORRONI EG is a company able to provide a total renewable energy system capable of producing heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water integrated with solar panels, by means of Super Hub Radiator Top system, as in this newly installed application in the home of the owner of Omega srl in Canicattì. The company Omega srl has a long-standing consolidated experience in the field of commercialization and distribution of civil electrical equipment among the most important of all Agrigento.


A2B ACCORRONI E.G. It is now the only company that build heat pumps of dimensional measurement at the customer's request. In this privete house in Norcia (PG) it was produced by Accorroni team an Hub Full Radiator 300 (patented air-water heat pump for heating and domestic hot water). The system heat pump is composed of 2 external evaporator units, and from a tank system with 300 liters water storage technique.


A2B ACCORRONI E.G. is the choice of air-conditioning and domestic hot water the newest IS petrol station at Balanzano (PG). IS represents over 30 petrol stations in all gears and now also in Umbria. The domestic hot water is made through A2B system ACCORRONI E.G. water heaters heat GREEN 300 S pump with solar integration Selective 2.0 panels while the production of heating and cooling is provided by the heat pump HPE X 62 with ventilation via MHD 28/4, all renewable energy.


Esanatoglia, a town in the Marche region in the province of Macerata, hit by the earthquake in central Italy, will have a new school. The building will have an extension of approximately 400 square meters distributed on one floor and will accommodate up to a maximum of 60 students, in addition to teachers and service staff. The building will be able to support the educational activity in a multi-year perspective and in total safety, being completely anti-seismic. This structure is air-conditioned thanks to the HPE X 25 Accorroni air-water heat pump.


During the convivial Christmas Confindustria Ancona to Matteo Accorroni it was delivered on Innovation and Technology Prize for the investments made by the Group Accorroni in research and development oriented towards the green economy and in particular of international patent Hub Radiator; a low-energy thermodynamic system created to produce domestic hot water, heating and air conditioning.


The company ECONORD S.p.A. Carbonate (CO) is operating in the environmental and urban hygiene sector for over twenty-five years. This establishment is heated by external hot air generators MEC EX C and ARIANNE 3 air mixers. ARIANNE 3 air mixers are fundamental in those very tall warehouses or constructions that prevent stratification of the heat. This installation was made possible thanks to the official partner Accorroni, Erregia Ltd Saronno (VA).


The Leather fabric Charlotte has a widespread worldwide distribution. Now it is present in ten stores in the splendid setting of Lake Garda, the land of his brand and the pearl of world tourism. The air conditioning of the Manerba del Garda plant is realized thanks to the brand new Accorroni Heat pump Inverter with Steam Injection, the Model HPE LT 35 INVERTER (VAPOR INJECTION).

Chiesa di San Nicola (Pi)

The heating of the Church of St. Nicholas of Pisa is completely heated through an AS-340 with a methane burner from the Accorroni Group. The Church of St. Nicholas is attested since 1097, as an addiction to the Monastery of S. Michele Verruca. The main feature of St. Nicholas Church is certainly the most characteristic bell tower in the city after the Leaning Tower. It dates back to the second half of the 12th century and is attributed to Fibonacci: the mosaic on the facade of the church represents the section of the bell tower, built according to the geometric proportions of the famous Sequence, the result of the studies of the Pisan mathematician.

Cathedral of San Panfilo (AQ)

The heating of the Cathedral of San Panfilo is made thanks to the new floor standing condensing generator AS COND 300 of the Accorroni Group. This machine, which has a thermal power of 310 kW, is part of the tax benefits provided by the State and has a much higher efficiency than the non-condensing series. This important cathedral is named on San Panfilo Bishop, protector of the city. It is the oldest temple in Sulmona; it stands at the northern end of the town, rather far from the original historical nucleus. According to tradition, it was built in the VIII century on the ruins of a pagan temple dedicated to Apollo and Vesta, while some local legends report that, at the death of the saint, his remains were moved from Corfinio to Sulmona and during the transport they became so heavy to force the bearers to deposit them right where the church was later built.


Deichmann is a German manufacturer of footwear was born in 1913. More than 90 years ago, Heinrich Deichmann founded the family business, which today represents the largest reality as European footwear manufacturer. Deichmann now has more than 2550 stores worldwide, and the Ljubljana shop is air-conditioned 9 hydronic cassette A2B ACCORRONI model CVCX 60 4 pipes.

Lanchester Wines Annfield Plain, Stanley (England)

The Lanchester Group consists of five companies, each with different specialties, the A2B ACCORRONI E.G. It has just provided heaters 160 LC model for the heating of the whole establishment Lanchester Wines. Lanchester Wines produces a range of high quality wines for many UK businesses, from pubs to bars to high street retailers and liquor to hotel chains.


murfit Kappa , is a world leader in the production of paper , corrugated cardboard, packaging solutions and packaging . Among the many plants in Europe, that in Czech Republic is heated by as many as 30 warm air generators divided between models Mec 35 and Mec 35C. This reference is one of the most prestigious for the A2B ACCORRONI EG as foreign installation.


Fifty-two rooms at the Hotel Freya in Zalakaros in Hungary are cooled and heated by the more compact system on the market Ghibli PDC. The Ghibli heat pump PDC is a modern air conditioning system without outdoor unit. The efficiency and effectiveness of this proposal was chosen and appreciated by this hotel situated in the region of Balaton because there was no place for an outdoor unit. A2B ACCORRONI EG has provided the most efficient solution with excellent results and customer satisfaction.


Span D.I.O. is one of the most important and historical car dealers in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Part of establishments is heated thanks to MEC MIX F, the axial wall heaters with gas premix burner of A2B ACCORRONI E.G. that meet the strict standards of LOW EMISSIONS NOx present in Slovenia. This provision has been made possible thanks to the dealer A2B ACCORRONI E.G. in Slovenia, Jadran, which is one of the most important retailers in the conditioning industry in Slovenia.

fitness club Experience in Broni (PV)

The fitness club Experience located in Broni (PAVIA) is conditioned by a system HUB RADIATOR EASY TO FIT (with heat output of 66 kW and cooling 49 kW) already pre-tested and developed in a unique platform A2B ACCORRONI EG. This new technology is bringing exceptional results in terms of energy savings up to 40% compared to traditional gas systems, as it is able to extract clean renewable energy from the air around us. Even the hot water is produced by the same technological system through another Super Hub Radiator. The exchange of air in the premises is instead solved with our cross-flow recovery system AFR and fan fan coils with 4-range battery.

headquarters of Confindustria Ancona

One of the most important references in the area for the company A2B ACCORRONI EG is the headquarters of Confindustria Ancona with more than 50 fancoils series FR200, FR300, FR400, FR600.

hotel farm Cavrigo of Lodi (LO)

The hotel farm Cavrigo of Lodi is an accomplishment made by A2B ACCORRONI EG thanks to the flexibility of the system Hub Radiator that allows you to work not only in new buildings as well as renovation of buildings with existing systems. In this case the machines a2b accorroni e.g. have proved successful, not only for their performance, but ‘why’ are the only possibility ‘of recovery plant already exists in heat pump not more effective. The installation solution applied in the farm Cavrigo is a system Minichiller Hub Radiator with 7 outdoor booster 7.8 kw hot/cold direct exchange coolant/water in a 500 liters tank. This system is the only one in its class to work up to a temperature of cooling water inlet minimum of 5 °C.


Hybrid system, more compact on the market depth of 25 cm HUB Radiator HRC (heat pump patented Hub Radiator 7kW + condensing boiler modulating from 2 to 16 kW), was installed with great success at a private villa of the '70s, located in Cornegliano Laudense (LO) with existing terminal units that are cast iron radiators. This innovative system allows to save more than a 30% consumption with traditional boiler with natural gas as it takes advantage of the heat pump patented by Accorroni renewable energy, with extremely high efficiency, assisted by modulating condensing boiler, which operates only as temperatures are forecasting or below 0 °.


Even the McDonald's restaurant in San Benedetto uses fan A2B ACCORRONI EG model FR 300 to warm and cool. This reference is for us a great source of pride in what our machines are used in one of the many fast food restaurants that brand is recognized as among the most important in the world.

pool farmhouse the Rock CATTOLICA ERACLEA (AG)

Hub radiator is the patented system with heat pump that can heat everything, even a swimming pool like the one of the farm's Rock Cattolica Eraclea (AG). The installing company Ecolife Costruzioni has heated this pool of 7m * 13m with a variable height ranging from 100 cm to 250 cm, for a total of 150 cubic meters of capacity with our Super Hub Radiator system from 800 liters with 4 boosters 7.8 kW and an exchanger from inox 70. The pool water has reached a temperature of about 50 cm from the surface of the water heated to 28 ° throughout the Super Hub Radiator system renewable energies A2B ACCORRONI E.G.

Fair Expotorre CUNEO

The company A2B ACCORRONI E.G. was one of the stars of the Fair Expotorre, at the dealer Idrocentro Torre San Giorgio, with the presentation of the new patented heat pump, smallest on the market, Radiator HUB MINI. The event, which was very successful, was held at the headquarters of Idrocentro that today remains one of the largest retailers of Italy with branches in Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria, Tuscany, Sardinia, and in many other Italian regions.

building in La Crocetta (TO)

This building in La Crocetta (TO) is air-conditioned thanks to an Accorroni variable refrigerant volume system with 9 indoor wall units. Accorroni outdoor units thanks to DC Inverter technology guarantee high efficiency and comfort for both residential and commercial applications. The Full DC Inverter technology (DC Inverter compressor and DC inverter motor for the fan / s) applied to the units ensures high EER and COP values ​​not only at full loadings, but also at partial loads, guaranteeing energy saving and high comfort to the internal of the wide range of operation of the external temperature, from -15 ° C to + 48 ° C.).


Sorasio Gavatorta in Savigliano (CN) is a carpentry production company for power transformer, distribution and railway traction units, collaborating with international customers. This company is heated thanks to Accorroni Mec mix C low Nox condensing generators, one of which 70 kW and two on 45 kW modulating thermal power. In the painting room, due to the presence of flammable paints, the Cond System was installed with an outdoor condensing boiler of 50 kW and Aeroclima Style 15 air heater.


Medin A.S. is one of the largest companies in manufacturing and distribution of medical equipment in the Czech Republic . This company is now heated with 48 warm air hanging generators Mec of A2B ACCORRONI EG (models: 43 pieces of MEC 25, and 4 Mec 20/30 dual power)

Industrial Heritage Museum Bologna

The Industrial Heritage Museum documents the economic and productive history of the city and its territory from the Age Modern to the Contemporary. Located on the outskirts, as charming home has a furnace from renovated brick dating from the second half of the nineteenth century. This important property is air conditioned by our group of heat pump 300 kW and fan coil units manufactured by A2B ACCORRONI EG. The Industrial Heritage Museum is part of the Institution Bologna Museums the Municipality of Bologna and is the hub of the Industrial Heritage and Culture.


COPROB of Minerbio and Pontelongo is the leader of the Italian sugar beet sector with a quote of 284,000 tons of sugar, 56% of the national production. In the factory of Minerbio the sugar cooling process is realized by a 250 Kw chiller A2B ACCORRONI EG. COPROB was born in 1962 in Emilia Romagna with over fifty years of activity, 5,700 members and adherents increasing the national turnover as the sole cooperative producer of sugar in Italy.


A heat pump 27 kW with condensing boiler CS 35 E, 2 heaters blowers Aeroclima Style 15, 1 heater blower Aeroclima Style 10 and fancoils FR 300 heat the offices of the company Kubedesign in Osimo with which A2B ACCORRONI EG collaborates. Kubedesign is one of the most important companies in Italy for the architectures created from cardboard. The research culture, the strength of experience, innovation, attention to details are the ingredients from which arise the concrete and creative architectures cardboard Kubedesign, with references ranging from preparations for the Pope to G8 environment of Syracuse.

Hospital of Osimo (AN)

With the supply of 10 air conditioners inverters, dual, class A ++, A2B ACCORRONI EG has contributed to improve the working condition of all the staff and the patients of the Hospital of Osimo. The presentation took place in front of many doctors and the Mayor Pugnaloni who testified the reliability of the company A2B ACCORRONI EG and the speed of delivery, especially at this time of torrid heat which remained very difficult to find units still available on the market. Journalistic publication available at:


The conditioning of the plant HARLEY DAVIDSON in Bologna is realized by a cooling unit 240 kW, 4 air blowers Aeroclima Style 15 and one air treatment unit A2B ACCORRONI EG. Founded in 1988 as a sole proprietorship, the American Motorcycles is a shop of sell of new and used motorcycles, Harley-Davidson and Buell exclusive.


Panav A. S. is a leading European manufacturer of a complete range of trailers, semitrailers, trailers and campers. Inside the structure there are 22 warm air hanging generators A2B ACCORRONI EG summarized in the following models: 5 unit MEC 25, 5 units MEC 35 and 12 units MEC 50.


30 split systems - external boilers and internal heat blowers mod. Acquamec by A2B ACCORRONI E.G. are installed and work in the factory Elettric80 Viano (RE). This industry leader produces palletizing systems, wrappers and LGV robot for loading trucks.

bread stick manufactory Derby Line Torino (TO)

The bread stick manufactory Derby Line was founded in 1978, by brothers Tortone in Chieri. The company has developed continuously to become a market leader in Piedmont and Northern Italy in 2000-2001 for the production of breadsticks. This manufactory is heated by 6 air blowers Aeroclima Style 15 of A2B ACCORRONI EG and methane gas boilers for a total of over 200 kW.

noble building in Jesi (AN)

The top floor of this wonderful noble building in the old town of Jesi is on renewable energy. This is our patent HUB RADIATOR with 4 heat pumps 3 kW, indoor installation, and 2 tanks of 140 liters, closed vessel, for the production of heating, cooling and domestic hot water; all entirely produced by A2B ACCORRONI EG Osimo (AN), Italy. This advanced technology allows in addition to a high energy saving compared with more traditional gas technologies also a further increase in the energy class of the building for the use of such a system all renewable energy as the sole source of conditioning and sanitary hot water.


Built at the end of the 1100s (in honor of the birth of Frederick II, which took place in the town of Jesi) for centuries Rocca Priora, Falconara was an important military garrison on the Adriatic coast. Part of this prestigious Castle today is conditioned by a heat pump A2B Accorroni EG HPE X 15 and terminal facility FW EN 10.

Mall Alles in Pozega (Croatia)

The mall Alles in Pozega, Croatia is a shopping mall with sales of home appliances, electrical equipment, and bicycles, heated with our 6 warm air generators Mec 35 EX C for outdoor installation.

Training Course A2B Accorroni E.G.

It's just completed the Training Course A2B Accorroni EG for the technical update on the new system heat pump on Renewable Energy, Patent Hub Radiator. Fifty experts including designers, engineers, technical assistance and installers, came from all over Italy, participated in profitably technical training course Accorroni with the aim of increase knowledge and raise the professionalism to become a benchmark in the technological upgrades in the field of renewable energy.


10 Hot-air generators hanging installation, model MEC 57 kW and 5 Mec 35 kW heat the EMS MOBILE SYSTEM (Turkey), company that produces ambulances for Turkey and for most of the countries in the Middle East. A really important and prestigious reference for the A2B ACCORRONI E.G. Ltd that strengthens even more its presence in the foreign market.

Ofogh Ekbatan Project (IRAN)

40 fancoils A2B ACCORRONI E.G. series FCR 300,400,600, were sold in Iran in finalizing a number of luxury hotels of Ofogh Ekbatan Project. This important sale strengthens the Accorroni group's presence in the internalization process continues even beyond the European borders. This supply was made possible thanks to the Alizadeh Group of Companies Mashhad, Iran, the exclusive agency of the Accorroni Group in Iran.


For the production of domestic hot water and heating, Acquapendente Golf Club utilizes our new patented pump SuperHub radiator with 2 boosters on heat pump 7.8 kW, direct exchange and with tank of 500 liters A_RM2, with solar panels A2B ACCORRONI, model Selective Slim. This prestigious location is close to Lake Bolsena, one of the most popular for the Northern European tourist, which has finally found its golf course. The location, strategic par excellence, is the Alta Tuscia still in the Lazio region, on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. It is a happy synthesis of these noble regions. Acquapendente Golf Club was built in strict compliance with flora and fauna, in a perfect marriage between sport and nature. The golf course with 9 holes PAR 27, which is affiliated to the Federation Italian Golf, aims to be recognized as a structure of excellence specializing in short game, at national and international level.


38 are the hot air generators A2B ACCORRONI EG MEC 85 kW newly installed in this huge warehouse located in Turkey. The hot air generators Mec products are among the historians of our company installed not only throughout the country but also in many other euro zone countries such as Germany, France, Spain , Croatia, Slovenia , England, Bulgaria, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark , Romania, Hungary thanks to comply with the stringent CE regulations that guarantee the quality and reliability of all our products .


Thanks to the sponsorship made to the 4th stage of the Championship of FootGolf of April 13, 2014 at the Acquapendente Golf Village we become official partners of the Italian Association FootGolf ( The Footgolf is a precision sport where players try to send a soccer ball into a hole in the fewest strokes possible. The name is a mixture of "football" and "golf". The AIFG - Italian Association FootGolf has the objective of developing and promoting of FootGolf in Italy and in the world, with the help of its national and international partners, cultivating this passion with values such as respect, friendship and fair play.

the official sponsors of the team ASD San Biagio Football (AN)

A2B ACCORRONI E.G. is one of the official sponsors of the team ASD San Biagio Football, team militant in the second category is currently ranked first and fighting for direct promotion, this testimony that the A2B ACCORRONI really believes in healthy values of sport where effort and sacrifice are identified with the same values that distinguish our work and our company.


The company Euroimpianti Tolfa RM) is conditioned by the international patent super hub RADIATOR avec 4 Boosters on heat pump, for a total of 32 kW thermal power and 24 kW in cooling power with fan coils Fiji. Euroimpianti is a leading company in the design of personalized systems of dispensing equipment (beer, wine, soft drinks and premix post mix), cooling units for cold rooms, air conditioners, ice makers and bar equipment.


AL7 Meipa Ltd was founded in 1964 and since then has always worked in the field of aluminium, with particular attention to the decoration of architectural components and windows. In 1973 patented the first system for the insertion of decorative elements inside the insulating of windows. A very important reference for the A2B ACCORRONI EG since the industrial establishments of the company are heated by 27 hot air generators models MEC 57 kW and 85 kW.

The Bed and Breakfast La Scentella in Petritoli (FM)

The Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast La Scentella in Petritoli (FM) produces hot water and heating via our patent on renewable energy SUPER HUB RADIATOR by A2B ACCORRONI EG. The system consists of 1 tank, model A_RM2, 500 liter, built-in solar panels 2, model Selective, of 2.5 square meters and 2 Booster heat pump 7.8 kW.

company Ancona Construction Pozzi

Heat pump HPE 31 kW; chiller RPE 27 kW and 25 fan coils model FR of various powers are installed at the headquarters of the company Ancona Construction Pozzi which are among the references of A2B ACCORRONI E.G. as a type of plant. Pozzi Construction S.r.l. leader, more than 20 years of experience, in the field of public and private building, designing and manufacturing of various properties types and sizes, residential, hotels and restructuring proving to be one of the most important in constructor in Ancona.


Enzo Hotel Porto Recanati (4 Star Hotel) has 3 systems with heat pumps A2B ACCORRONI E.G. model HPE/C 44 kW EcoPower. This model is a heat pump with integrated gas thermal module to further improve of the permormance. In addition to the three heat pumps, there is also a cooler RPE X 17 on stainless steel and 2 Water boilers on forced draft gas, mark A2B ACCORRONI E.G., respectively of 120 and 400 liters. HOTEL ENZO is located in the center of Porto Recanati, "lounge on the sea" on the Riviera del Conero. Due to its privileged location, in addition to being easily accessible, it can be considered as a base for excursions to Numana, Ancona, Loreto, Recanati (birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi and Beniamino Gigli).

Information days at our customers

The company A2B Accorroni organizes information days, in order to propagandize their products and illustrate the various applications at the best retailers. Specifically, it is was carried out a day counter on the heat pump patented Hub Radiator and radiator gas Elite Ghibli at the dealer Ticchioni Ltd. from Perugia.


The sports hall " PALASAVELLI " Porto San Giorgio in the province of Ascoli Piceno, remains an important point of reference in the Marche region as it is one of the few plants to be fully air conditioned. His national recognition as demonstrated by the fact that he has hosted for several times the Italian national team basketball. The system consists of n. 2 air handling units, fan double head section of the mixing chamber 3 shutters. Batteries, cooling coils and condensate separator, air flow around 25,000 m3 / h. Hot batteries are powered by a gas boiler and cold batteries that are powered by our cooler 520 kW.

Basilica Sant'Ubaldo Gubbio

The company Termotecnica of Pierotti Luke is building a hybrid system SuperHub 500 Radiator Booster with 4 heat pump 7.8 kW with integration with condensing gas boiler for heating and domestic hot water. This patented system is one of the renewable energy systems and allows high energy savings compared to the most common traditional systems.

Polytechnic University Faculty of Engineering of Tirana (Albania )

The A2B ACCORRONI E.G. always sensitive to the internationalization and energy's saving held at the Polytechnic University Faculty of Engineering of Tirana (Albania ) a lecture on international patent Hub Radiator, innovative heat pump for the production of heating, cooling and domestic hot water able to have a huge energy savings. This meeting was held in front of members of the Italian Embassy, Albanian Minister of Tourism, architects and teachers from all over Albania.


Minichiller HUB Radiator VT 300 with 4 Boosters on heat pump 7.8 kW and 2 air treatment units MHD 13/3 have been installed in the new restaurant L'Arnia del Cuciniere, located in Falconara Marittima with truly unique view of the wonderful Adriatic Sea.

newspaper artiche A2B ACCORRONI E.G

A2B Accorroni E.G. was the star of three main Marche newspaper articles: Corriere Adriatico, Resto del Carlino and Messenger of Ancona thanks to interviews with Sergio and Matteo Accorroni. From the 80s to the present, the history of A2B Accorroni, Osimo Company was able to convert its production activities of heating systems passing entirely to Green renewable energies sector. Their flagship product is a heat pump called Hub Radiator, a patent that allows it to compete successfully in international markets...


Our new patented heat -water on heat pump in version furniture, with a thickness of 24 cm., Hub Radiator Tagliacosti DHW produces a hot water for a studio of a famous hairdresser Benè of Gualdo Tadino. This system of renewable energy as well as producing hot water can also dynamically heat the room where it is installed. It is able to extract energy from the outside air by using it to heat water while consuming only 30% of the electricity compared to a traditional water heater. The system is distinguished by the maximum installation flexibility.

shopping center Manufacture of Chiaravalle (AN)

In the shopping center Manufacture of Chiaravalle are installed 2 water coolers A2B ACCORRONI EG heat pump in silenced version on 210 kW. The machines are equipped with a condensation control to improve the performance and efficiency in any climate situation.

Hotel Restaurant "CANTINA Palazzo Bello" in Recanati (MC)

Chiller on heat pump and fan coil A2B ACCORRONI EG are located at The Hotel Restaurant La Cantina Palazzo Bello Recanati. The winery is adjacent to the vaunted Palazzo Bello in Recanati, building eighteenth-century, owned by the Marquis Roberti, where Giacomo Leopardi in his frequent stays in the family began the famous work "The Zibaldone". The beautiful Palace and the hotel restaurant Cantina, today, are located inside of the Memorial Park on the outskirts of Recanati. For several years it is included in the projects of cultural parks sponsored by UNESCO.


TMT Interiors is a company specializing in the repair, care and creating of leather goods and restoration of antic cars. The company is situated in Santa Maria in Selva Treia (Mc). The climatisation of the locals is completely produced by installation A2B ACCORRONI EG, including 10 FR fan coils for the offices and showrooms, 3 heaters design Aeroclima STYLE 10 in the part production, combined with a heat pump with integrated gas thermal module EcoPower 35kW to 44kW (thermal module). At the upper floor, the 110 square meters apartment is heated by the Hub Radiator Full with a 7.8 kW Booster and floor heating system. This heating system satisfies the production of hot water with a saving of over 40% compared to conventional systems with boiler methane gas.

thermo-hydraulic Manufactures Genoa

The hot-air generators Accorroni 30 kW heat the thermo-hydraulic Manufactures Genoa. The society is present with 7 outlets throughout Liguria and represents one of the most important landmarks of the region for heating, plumbing and bathroom furniture.


The Beta Analysis Laboratory in Osimo (AN) is fully air-conditioned thanks to 5 Accorroni monosplit inverters of 9,000 and 12,000 btu as well as 2 underfloor air conditioners of 38 thousand btu. Accorroni inverter technology allows you to save thanks to the modularity of the compressor which reduces absorption as you approach the set temperature of the set point.


Accorroni has specialized a lot in the production and supply of controlled mechanical ventilation systems, both at civil and industrial level, with a very complete range. Among the reasons for choosing VMC Accorroni there is also the technical staff that accompanies the installation with useful and fundamental technical advice to balance the supply and return of the air well thanks to thirty years of experience in the sector. This installation is taking place in Piana degli Albanesi in a private house; we thank the installer Mr. Salvatore Rizzo who is building the system with capacity, seriousness and professionalism.

Lesson with A2B ACCORRONI E.G.

A2B ACCORRONI E.G. was pleased to host on Friday 13 November the fifth class of the high school Itis Meucci Castelfidardo. They visited the factory of Osimo (AN) where born the most innovative systems for air conditioning."PMI Day - Industriamoci" is an initiative that, from 2010, every year sees businesses across Italy belonging to Confindustria open the doors of its facilities to students and teachers. This day involved 20 students and 2 teachers for a whole morning with the aim to meet and discuss with students on issues of energy conservation, environmental protection and advanced technology to make the home comfortable atmosphere with a strong focus on energy saving.

Sale of systems for heating, cooling, air handling and renewable energy for residential buildings, shops, offices and industry.

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